America's Stonehenge

Other Resources

Lesson plans and resources relevant to America's Stonehenge:

Simulated Digs
Lesson plans from the Archaeological Institute of America. Included at this link are hands-on activities that students can create and discover in the classroom.

What Can We Learn from Artifacts?
Lesson plans on thinking like an archaeologist, as well as discovering artifacts and what clues they give us about people and how they lived.

Scholastic: Underground Railroad Teaching Guide
An in-depth look at slavery and the Underground Railroad. This link includes an interactive journey with first-hand stories and activities for students.

History Channel: Harriet Tubman
A brief explanation of Harriet Tubman and the change that she inspired (video).

Underground Railroad Interactive Map
This interactive map shows free states, slave states, Underground Railroad routes, and more in 1860.

Ancient Shipwrecks of the Black Sea
Marine archaeologists explore the history and culture of ancient civilizations. The crew of the Nautilus finds a wreck that is 2,500 years old (video).

Underwater Archaeology Lesson Plan
Lesson plans, worksheets, and information on underwater archaeology.

Kids Discover: Power Vocabulary
This free vocabulary packet on Kids Discover Archaeology will help students learn vocabulary relating to this fascinating science of discovery, covering everything from the tools of the trade and the best places to dig, to some of the most incredible discoveries ever made and the many mysteries that remain. A free account is required to access this resource.

What's the Big Idea about Archaeology?
This passage is aligned with common core and ideal for 4th grade students. A free account is required to access this resource.

History Channel: Stonehenge in America
On a special episode of America Unearthed, America's Stonehenge is featured with a fascinating new discovery. A subscription to AT&T U-verse, Bright House, Xfinity, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Frontier Communications, Mediacom, Optimum, Time Warner Cable, or Verizon is required to watch this episode.

Travel Channel: Roadside Attractions
America's Stonehenge featured on the Travel Channel (video).

Google Earth
How Google Earth is helping us in the field of archaeology and archaeoastronomy.