America's Stonehenge

The Alpacas of America's Stonehenge

America's Stonehenge is home to six friendly animals known as alpacas. Alpaca Tracks was established in 2002 by Kelsey Stone, vice president of America's Stonehenge. He found the animals fascinating and wanted to learn more about them. Originally, his plan was to sell the animals' fleece to raise money for college, and now the alpacas are a beloved part of the attraction at America's Stonehenge. Three babies, or cria, have have been born on the property with more yet to come.

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The Girls

Ashley is the leader of the pack. She is smart and is an excellent mother to her now full-grown cria.

Mira is Ashley's granddaughter. She is spunky and has a goofy personality. She is smart like her grandma.
The Boys

Barnstormer, A.K.A. Barney, is Ashley's son. He is what we call a gentle giant. At over 200 pounds, he is just a big ball of love.

Rocky is best friend to Trooper and is always looking out for him. He can be shy at times, and outgoing at others.

Kordell is half-brother to Trooper. He is our second-oldest alpaca, though he is still full of spunk.

Trooper is half-brother to Kordell. He is the king of the castle and has a heart of gold. He is our oldest alpaca in the herd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alpaca, and how is it different from a llama?
Alpacas, like llamas, are part of the camelid family, meaning two-toed. That is about where the similarities between alpacas and llamas end. Alpacas are about 1/3 the size of llamas, they have softer fiber, straight ears, and more even temperaments.

Do the alpacas roam freely on the hilltop?
Our alpacas are in large pens where they can be easily viewed, and that also protect them from the local wildlife.

Do alpacas spit?
Yes, alpacas spit when they feel threatened. Alpacas don't have languages like we humans use to communicate, so when they spit that is their way of saying, "What you are doing is bothering me. Please stop!"

Are they friendly?
Our alpacas are very friendly and love to greet our visitors. Don't be surprised if they shy away from you when you try to touch them. Unlike dogs and cats, alpacas aren't too keen on being handled; they have more of a live-and-let-live type of mindset.

What do alpacas eat?
An alpaca's diet consists mainly of hay, and they are given a mixture of grain twice a day. They also have free choice of a mineral supplement, and they always have fresh water available to them.

How often are the alpacas shorn?
We shear our alpacas once a year in late spring. This keeps them cool through the summer, and by the fall their thick fiber grows back to keep them warm all winter.

Do you sell their fiber in the gift shop?
Yes, we sell the fiber from our own alpacas in skeins of yarn, and in bird nesting kits. We also sell stuffed alpaca dolls so you can take your own alpaca home!