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America's Stonehenge is happy to provide educational tools for teachers and schools. If there is something you would like to see that we do not currently offer, please feel free to contact us to request a new rescource.

Worksheet for grades 1st-6th, to be completed in-class or during the dig pit activity at America's Stonehenge:
Worksheet   |   Answer sheet

Worksheet for grades 4th-6th, to be completed during a tour of the site:
Worksheet   |   Answer sheet

Tour guide accompaniment for teachers and chaperones (optional), to be read aloud to students during a tour of the site. Recommended for grades 1st-8th.
Printable sheet

Why America’s Stonehenge for a class trip?
America’s Stonehenge is a unique field trip opportunity for students and adults alike. This field trip covers a well-rounded view into archaeology, early explorers, archaeoastronomy, geology, and The Underground Railroad. Students visiting America’s Stonehenge will have the opportunity for firsthand exploration and discovery at this 4,000 year old outdoor history museum of stone structures and astronomical alignments.

A simulated archaeological dig allows students a hands-on interactive activity to learn about excavation and uncovering artifacts. In addition, an indoor display includes artifacts ranging from ancient stone tools and inscriptions to Native American relics to artifacts from the Underground Railroad and colonial era.

America’s Stonehenge is an ideal place to visit for teachers seeking a way to integrate hands-on experiences with the current common core standards. America’s Stonehenge is a trip that can provide limitless opportunities for inquiry, evaluation, thought-provoking conversations, and reflection.

What will we discover at America's Stonehenge?
Students will be challenged to take various theories into account and determine for themselves who they think built and lived upon this hilltop long ago. What cultures could have visited 4,000 years ago? Why would they build this site? Who inhabited this area 4,000 years ago? What misconceptions do we have about early explorers and sites such as this in the United States?

Other Resources
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