America's Stonehenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is photography allowed at the site?
Yes, photography is permitted for non-commercial use. For further information, please read our photo policy.

Are pets allowed on the site?
Due to the alpacas that we keep on site, and for insurance reasons, we unfortunately cannot allow even the most well-behaved pets. Please use our lower parking lot to exercise any leashed pets traveling with you. Although there are some shaded areas in our parking lot, it is recommended that you try to leave pets at home on hot days as the tour generally takes at least one hour.

What is the trail like?
The trail is on a gradual incline with some uneven rocky terrain. The length of the trail is 1/2 mile, and most visitors spend roughly one hour touring the site.

Is the trail stroller friendly?
For families with small children, we recommend a backpack carrier rather than a stroller.

Is the site handicap accessible?
The visitor center and gift shop are handicap accessible. However, due to uneven and rocky terrain, visitors with mobility restrictions may find the trail to the site to be quite challenging.

Is it a guided tour?
The tour is self-guided. Visitors are shown a ten-minute introductory video and given maps that explain all the features of the site. We are currently developing a new mobile app tour of the site that will include much more detail on the structures as well as images, audio, and video. The app is scheduled to be available in late spring 2018.