America's Stonehenge

Summer Solstice Ritual 2017

Wednesday, June 21 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
An outdoor event facilitated by Katja Esser

There is some preparation involved that you will want to be aware of and create in the weeks leading up to this ritual.

The great omnipotent star in the heavens faithfully completes another cycle as he approaches the northern pillars of his kingdom to spread his rays in full and cascades his blazing blinding light upon Mother enticing her children to meet him in greatness. The sprouts come to flower, the first fruit comes to seed, and many plants will have reached their optimum dimensions. Every flower reflects the great flower in the sky as they open, unabashed, vulnerably, courageously, and lovingly, while absorbing his gift of light, heat, and energy. In concert with the other elements that make up life, they weave a world that forever renews itself to an ever greater expression. Then after 4 days of rest the blazing star will begin his journey southward again and as his strength gradually tones down, the energy of the green nation pulls within to forge a fruit with a concentrated seed that holds the blueprint and all information for a whole new life.

For eons the sun makes his journey back and forth supporting the unfolding life. In his glorious awakening he mirrors himself in the refreshing dew while bestowing every being with a sparkle of light to remind each creature of the light that lies within. Day by day, moment by moment, we are presented with infinite opportunities to experience the Divine expressed within and without, and crack our heart so our tears can sparkle too and add to the shimmering dress of the Mother.

Here we approach the solstice, the sun gets hotter, the climate changes, still the birds sing, the flowers open, nature does what it does however compromised. Not everybody makes it but they have given their best because the body of the Divine continues to express itself and will take the challenge and dance with it. In the shimmering dew, each being remembers that they are golden suns of this Divine light; only we people through our conditioning have trouble to embrace that part in us.

This is a fire year according to the Dagara people of West Africa and many use that energy to spur into action. Fire was always meant to bring people together. From all the elements it is considered the most pure one and has been connected to spirit, divinity, and ancestors. The agitation we feel goes back life times and to our ancestors as we are living their legacy. All the feelings are bubbling to the surface and fire is the element that can take anything, transmute, and purify it all. In the face of the radiant sun at its optimum light, shining upon all to bring what is hidden into the light, we gather to instill that glorious Divine fire within our heart and anchor it upon Mother Earth. We come to remember what it means to be a keeper of fire, keep ourselves purified, and walk the path of light. We bring this fire to the water to forgive and heal.

Questions to Ponder

What to bring:

Part of this solstice is the procession through the ancient site. I am holding an image of the "I am that I am procession of light." Part of the challenge is recognizing that all expressions of creation are part of the body of the divine. I invite you to either carry or embody an expression of this body of the divine that you have a particular affinity to either because it revealed or taught you something, keeps you alive, or your recognize something of yoruself in it.

Katja Esser guides you through this very participatory ritual. In the spirit of co-creating in our own evolution, the ritual grows to new heights when you bring your items and participation to it. The rituals go deeper each year as they are built on each previous one. The unfolding of the ritual creates the sacred space, in which we give more meaning to the details of the ritual. What you bring creates the magnificence of this ritual as each contribution makes up the whole. Please make sure to do your best to bring your items and let the not fulfilling of these items deter you from coming. Some may bring some extra. Come early if you still need time to work on your items. We love to have some helpers to assist with the setting up of the ritual space on Wednesday morning. Katja will be there around 10 am.

Donation: In addition to the general admission fee at America's Stonehenge, there is a suggested $8.00 donation at the ritual site to support this work. The ritual takes place at the center of the main site. We encourage children to come, as long as they are accompanied by adults. Bring a friend and please pass this information on. Make sure you leave enough time to hike/walk to the site so we can start the ritual on time.

Who to call: Please contact Katja Esser on Facebook, or e-mail her at You can find more info on Katja by visiting her website. Please send Katja your email address directly if you want to be contacted for future events.

Katja Esser creates a container of a particular energy frequency that allows people to awaken and express their ancient sacred connection to the infinite universe. As a multi-disciplinary artist, ceremonialist, teacher, performer, and healer who inspires through self-expression, she assists people that are ready to come into a participatory relationship with themselves, the living Earth, and the unseen world around them to live a sacred eco-centered, magical, and connected life.

Katja has been running annual seasonal rituals since 1992, of which Summer Solstice at America’s Stonehenge is most well-known. Her singing and her extraordinary elaborate masks and costumes bring forth beings from another world. Katja has facilitated drumming circles, workshops in sound, continuum-based movement, ritual, and maskmaking. She studied with Emily Conrad, Malidoma Somé, Alisa Starkweather, Eric Bornstein, Martin Prechtel, Saruah Benson, Tim Kelley, and various healing modalities to facilitate a shift in consciousness. She performs with the Theater Behind The Mask in schools through Young Audiences and has appeared at First Night Boston for a number of years. Katja facilitates grief rituals, sacred sound circles, ancestral rituals, and performances. Katja’s focus is now on video production, combining her music, poetry, and images of water in praise of the living world around us, to bring awareness to our participation to keep the earth alive. She also focuses on sacred geometry and no-till gardening, contributing to eating local and having a relationship with the living beings that feed us. Katja has an extensive website at which her work can be viewed.