America's Stonehenge

Autumnal Equinox Ritual 2017

Saturday, September 23, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
An harvest ritual facilitated by Katja Esser

There is some preparation involved that you do at home. Please see below on what to bring and take some time with it. The preparations are part of the feeding of the spirit world and deepen the work we do.

Mother's green dress begins to show the tatters and wear of a season's growth. At the fringes the first appearances of bright red and yellow announce the coming change. Bewildered standing ones bend heavily with fruit, barely able to support the weight, lofty milkweeds swell their proud pointy pods, golden rods vibrate with swarms of ecstatic bees, while sprawling vines await the reddening of their aromatic fruit. Bounty comes upon us, now flower has turned to fruit and the pale green faces swell with a deepening blush until they drop into the lap of the Mother. Autumn, the season of harvest and detachment of form, shows its face at the horizon, ready to celebrate the completion of a growing season that the seed sprouted, made it to flower, to fruit, and seed again. The autumnal equinox is a momentary balance point when the sun rises opposite from where it sets, making day and night equal in length.

This is a fire year as it is known in the Dagara tradition of West Africa. Fire in its most pure form connects us to our Divinity that moves through our heart flame. It is the life force that propels us forward to express ourselves in this Earthly realm. This fire when aligned with our purpose and power will give life to anything we express. It fuels our passion, love, motivation, vision, dreaming, and creativity and it becomes an unstoppable force that can shape this world in magical ways. Out of alignment it becomes reactive and will consume us on the inside, imploding and exploding as it lives through combustion, fueling anger and fear, spreading like a wild fire destroying and purging everything on its path. In its pure form it is the beacon of light that guides us through the darkness and brings us together, within it lives the holy spirit, the ancestors that call for constant feeding to keep that flame alive; it is the umbilical to the other world. In its presence, warmth, and light we feel safe and held. It becomes an exchange of story and vision to keep the community alive. Autumn becomes the culmination of the sun’s fire made manifest through the completion of a cycle. A wood fire becomes the release of that sun’s energy.

We are in tremendous challenging times where a lot of concepts are turned upside down. Every cell in our body is being rattled as the world as we know it is unraveling and changing if we like it or not. The vibration of the earth is rising to move into higher realms of awareness and all that is out of alignment with the vibration of the new earth is surfacing to be transformed. Also we are being pushed to look inside and examine our beliefs; are we coming from the knowing that we are one and connected or from a belief that we are separated? We will not make changes in our lives unless we feel secure and safe. We will never have security as long we give our power away. Security comes when we have abundance and inner peace, have a sense of belonging within the Earth, feel at home within ourselves, feel supported by an unseen realm of energies, and know the earth through all her expressions of nature that knows how to feed and heal us on its own accord. The Earth is abundant; the only issue is that we have forgotten how to tap that abundance. All elements live in service of one another. There is an ongoing feeding that takes place, life eats life, transforming form, so the Divinity can come through a greater expression by dreaming the next level of its realization of self as it moves from within to without round and round. New ideas have a hard time to anchor in old beliefs and fears because we realize we do not know this world of the earth, and we do not know how to survive a collapse. Many do not feel safe with our ancestors as we live a legacy of broken relationships and tormenting patterns of behavior that keep us locked into a repeat of the past. To realize that we may have been living a lie maybe too big to handle as it shatters our story and the sense of who we are. We like to improve on what we know, but fine tuning the road of separation only widens the gap. To homogenize the world we live in makes the Divine look gray. Oneness is the underlying connection that ties us to the web of life as we go from within to without through which the Divinity rebirths to manifest its unique expression and freedom, forever expanding the ongoing diversity of creation. To feel the oneness we have to start building a relationship to what feeds us and we begin by feeding it. We feed through our praise, love, creativity, song, and dance. The feeding becomes the expression that feeds us in the process as well as expanding us into a greater passion and deeper love for the world we live in. And so we serve and come alive.

As we move into the fall, we celebrate the completion of form and individuation that has to fall away to feed something greater so that we can focus on the inside and dissolve into the oneness. Know and remember our inner resource that gives us all to continuously manifest our next conscious evolution to an ever greater expression. Without this inner anchor new ideas or solutions will have a hard time being received. As the season of fall is a busy time to get everything in order for the internal time to come, in a fire year this may be particularly intense as fire is a moving element associated with action. We particularly need to take heed that the action is not coming from reaction that feeds the separation but is moving from our center, to have it aligned and grounded in love, compassion, and the right relationships.

Questions to Reflect On:

What to bring:

Katja Esser guides you through this very participatory ritual. In the spirit of co-creating in our own evolution, the ritual grows to new heights when you bring your items and participation to it. The rituals go deeper each year as they are built on each previous one. The unfolding of the ritual creates the sacred space, in which we give more meaning to the details of the ritual. What you bring creates the magnificence of this ritual as each contribution makes up the whole. Please make sure to do your best to bring your items and let the not fulfilling of these items deter you from coming. Some may bring some extra. Come early if you still need time to work on your items.

Donation: In addition to the general admission at America's Stonehenge, there is a suggested $8.00 donation at the ritual site to support the continuation of this sacred work. The ritual takes place at the center of the main site. We encourage children to come, as long as they are accompanied by adults. Bring a friend and please pass this information on. Make sure you leave enough time to hike to the site so the ritual can start on time.

Who to call: Please contact Katja Esser on Facebook, or e-mail her at You can find more info on Katja by visiting her website. Please send Katja your email address directly if you want to be contacted for future events.

Katja Esser creates a container of a particular energy frequency that allows people to awaken and express their ancient sacred connection to the infinite universe. As a multi-disciplinary artist, ceremonialist, teacher, performer, and healer who inspires through self-expression, she assists people that are ready to come into a participatory relationship with themselves, the living Earth, and the unseen world around them to live a sacred eco-centered, magical, and connected life.

Katja has been running annual seasonal rituals since 1992, of which Summer Solstice at America’s Stonehenge is most well-known. Her singing and her extraordinary elaborate masks and costumes bring forth beings from another world. Katja has facilitated drumming circles, workshops in sound, continuum-based movement, ritual, and maskmaking. She studied with Emily Conrad, Malidoma Somé, Alisa Starkweather, Eric Bornstein, Martin Prechtel, Saruah Benson, Tim Kelley, and various healing modalities to facilitate a shift in consciousness. She performs with the Theater Behind The Mask in schools through Young Audiences and has appeared at First Night Boston for a number of years. Katja facilitates grief rituals, sacred sound circles, ancestral rituals, and performances. Katja’s focus is now on video production, combining her music, poetry, and images of water in praise of the living world around us, to bring awareness to our participation to keep the earth alive. She also focuses on sacred geometry and no-till gardening, contributing to eating local and having a relationship with the living beings that feed us. Katja has an extensive website at which her work can be viewed.