America's Stonehenge

Vernal (Spring) Equinox Ceremony 2018

Sunday, March 18th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
Postponed to Saturday, March 31st from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
Please read the letter below:

Dear friends,

Due to the deep snow, freezing temperatures, strong winds, and no ability to create a fire or access to indoor facilities we are postponing the Equinox ceremony to Saturday March 31. I am reminded however of the people at Standing Rock who dealt with far more difficult weather conditions and still had ceremony. You align the energies and tell the universe what you are planning to do and then you pray the way is open and sometimes it is not. March 31 is an auspicious time as it falls on a blue full moon, the beginning of Passover and the day before Easter. This is a powerful opening of a portal in which great amounts of light become available to humanity that assists us in returning to love. If we fail to call upon the beings of light when these portals open, we lose a big opportunity to add to the light of the world in a powerful accelerated way. The need of the hour is big and all our efforts at this time on earth are exponentially expanded, particularly when we come together at places where the grid of the earth is activated and receptive. I am committed to feeding that what feeds us and keeping the earth alive. This returning of love to the earth completes the circle as the earth demonstrates season after season in her support of life to move it to ever greater expression through her out-breath and in-breath. Please, join us at the Full Blue Moon to lift ourselves so the world around us gets lifted with us.

Equinox blessings,

There is some preparation involved that we request you do at home. Please see below on preparation and what to bring and take some time with it. The preparations are part of the feeding of the spirit world and deepen the work we do.

With unpredictable fluctuations, winter's harsh breath achingly creaked Mother's bones. Worn and with a sigh of relief, she received the softening tears dancing upon her face, peeling away her winter cloak, her icy tears, and lacy seams. Her tattered and torn undercoat dangles flattened in the breeze. In a daze, she lies as the quickening of contractions and expansion, heaving and dipping begin to stir deeply within her being.

Every spring we witness the miracle of life pushing itself through the womb of the Mother as she contracts and expands. Seeds get worked through the hardening and softening of her womb. They swell and burst out of their tight coats, and with determination and strength they push through the heavy crumbs of soil to face still unpredictable bites of winter, and today more fluctuating extremes in weather patterns. Yet no seed or swelling bud, as vulnerable as they are in this stage, ever stops, they may not survive, but the drive to keep on going continues on forever. Their commitment to service, restoring balance, and the expansion of the body of the Divine keeps our Mother alive. There are failures, yet it would be a different story if the flower decided not to open. And so nature reflects back to us the courage, resilience and strength to keep on going against all odds, to not lose faith and hope as we see so much separation around us. We listen to the call to continue to expand our heart, relieve the suffering around us, and assist in the awakening process of those who are ready to embrace the change. This is a nature year, according to the Dagara people of West Africa, and we can use the qualities and energies of this elemental year to assist us to see through the illusion of separation. Nature shows how it is, forever adaptable, changing, transforming, manifesting, decaying, promising that each moment fleetingly passes and does so with grace, beauty, drama, grief, and joy. Be present to the world that still sings and praises because it notices the beauty in the challenges. May we remember to lift our head, listen to the birds and participate in our commitment to keep the earth and all her children alive.

At the Vernal Equinox the sun rises opposite from where it sets, making night and day of equal length. In any cosmic alignment the portal to a greater influx of light opens up. It is crucial that during those times we gather in ceremony to call in the light and anchor it within our own heart flame and upon Mother Earth to benefit humanity and all of life. During these portal openings our prayers get amplified 1,000-fold. Because of the need of the hour a tremendous amount of light is available to us to help us ascend the spiral of evolution. The more we lift ourselves the more our brothers and sisters are able to lift themselves. The Equinox being a moment of balance mirrors the Divine law of the circle that each inhale be met with an exhale. The feminine divine comes into balance with the divine masculine within our heart and allows our heart flame to expand and opening us up to love and a knowing that we are one. In a world of oneness we become aware that our thoughts, words, choices, actions, and feelings matter as these are powerful energies that can instantly manifest and are we using them to add to light of the world or its shadow?

During this time we align ourselves to the rhythms of nature and assist in the midwifery of the birthing life, the awakening of humanity, and the new earth, while remembering that we are powerful co-creators. The seed holds the future of life, the data, and story of failures and successes of the ancestors. We bless our seeds so they can come to sprout, flower, fruit, and turn to seed again to secure the ongoing cycle of life. It is our task to protect the young life and keep the earth alive.

As we move out of the sluggishness of winter we have to cleanse and clear away old stagnant energies to birth into an awakened state of consciousness. We may sometimes feel afraid to awaken because we will feel the pain of what is going on. Some who are awake may feel like giving up because we do not see the progress in the world as the negativity and separation continue to come to appalling new heights, yet we cannot afford to lose hope, close our heart, or give up. Remember that the earth is going through a purging process and it is the light that pushes the darkness to the surface so it can be made visible and transmuted. There is amazing work being done upon earth and focus on the vision will keep us moving towards it. We have to keep cracking through the layers of resistance, birthing each moment anew into a greater possibility.

Preparation and what to bring:

Katja Esser guides you through this very participatory ritual. In the spirit of co-creating in our own evolution, the ritual grows to new heights when you bring your items and participation to it. The rituals go deeper each year as they are built on each previous one. The unfolding of the ritual creates the sacred space, in which we give more meaning to the details of the ritual. What you bring creates the magnificence of this ritual as each contribution makes up the whole. Please make sure to do your best to bring your items, and let the not fulfilling of these items deter you from coming. Some may bring some extra. Come early if you still need time to work on your items.

Cost: In addition to the general admission at America's Stonehenge, there is a suggested $8.00 donation at the ritual site to support the continuation of this sacred work.

Gathering time for the ritual is 12:45 pm. Please leave enough time to hike from the visitor center to the site. The ritual takes place near the center of the main site by the Oracle Chamber. We encourage children to come, as long as they are accompanied by adults. This is an outdoor event, so please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Bring a friend and please pass this information on.

Who to call: Kindly respond if you plan to come. Please contact Katja Esser through e-mail at You can find more info on Katja by visiting her website. Please send Katja your email address directly if you want to be contacted for future events.

Katja Esser creates a container of a particular energy frequency that allows people to awaken and express their ancient sacred connection to the infinite universe. As a multi-disciplinary artist, ceremonialist, teacher, performer, and healer who inspires through self-expression, she assists people that are ready to come into a participatory relationship with themselves, the living Earth, and the unseen world around them to live a sacred eco-centered, magical, and connected life.

Katja has been running annual seasonal rituals since 1992, of which Summer Solstice at America’s Stonehenge is most well-known. Her singing and her extraordinary elaborate masks and costumes bring forth beings from another world. Katja has facilitated drumming circles, workshops in sound, continuum-based movement, ritual, and maskmaking. She studied with Emily Conrad, Malidoma Somé, Alisa Starkweather, Eric Bornstein, Martin Prechtel, Saruah Benson, Tim Kelley, and various healing modalities to facilitate a shift in consciousness. She performs with the Theater Behind The Mask in schools through Young Audiences and has appeared at First Night Boston for a number of years. Katja facilitates grief rituals, sacred sound circles, ancestral rituals, and performances. Katja’s focus is now on video production, combining her music, poetry, and images of water in praise of the living world around us, to bring awareness to our participation to keep the earth alive. She also focuses on sacred geometry and no-till gardening, contributing to eating local and having a relationship with the living beings that feed us. Katja has an extensive website at which her work can be viewed.